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Chemical Process Technology

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Chemical & Process Technology

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chemical Engineering Digital Issue for Oct 2010... 


Rare-earth metals for the future 
Issues revolving around economics, workforce and technological innovation will be crucial as rare-earth metal production diversifies and demand for these critical technology metals grows

FAYF - MSMPR crystallization
This one-page reference guide describes examples of mixed-suspension, mixed-product removal crystallizers

Industrial Insulation Systems : Material Selection Factors
To provide the desired functions while beingexposed to harsh environments, insulation material should be carefully selected and specified to meet the design goals

Improving control valve performance
Control valves have a major impact on control-loop performance, so improvements in valve performance can have significant economic benefits. This article shows how poor control-valve performance can be identified and corrected to achieve these benefits

Crossover applications for the ASME-Bioprocessing Equipment Standard 
The ASME-BPE Standard was created for the pharmaceutical industry, but can be very useful in the biofuel and chemical industries as well

Lessons in feedstock changes
Switching to renewable feedstocks can offer financial and environmental benefits, but can also compound challenges associated with processing solids

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