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Friday, October 8, 2010

Atmospheric pressure change with altitude and this will have impacts to facilities design. Do not Under-estimate The Impact of Altitude Change. Sometime you may want to find altitude of specific location in particular you are conducting feasibility study and identifying plant location. This post will provide a quick way to find altitude of a plant using Google Map.

Simple Steps
Following are some steps to find altitude of a specific location using Google Map :
Step 1 : Execute a "Find_Altitude.htm" by clicking here.
Step 2 : You may choose to Open the file using Internet Explorer or Save the file and execute later.
Step 3 : Google Map will shows map of Singapore island. You may zoom out the map by clicking "-" (in pull bar), left hand side of map
Step 4 : Zoom to the plant location you wish to find the altitude.
Step 5 : Double click the location. Altitude will be displaced in a box.

Find altitude of "Nature Reserve" and "Sentosa Island Beach" in Singapore island.

Step 1 : Execute a "Find_Altitude.htm" by clicking here.
Step 2 : Open the file using Internet Explorer. Google Map will shows map of Singapore island.

Step 3 : Double click the "Nature Reserve". The altitude of "Nature Reserve" in Singapore is approximately 60.64 m. See below image.

Step 4 : Double click the "Sentosa Island Beach". The altitude of "Sentosa Island Beach" in Singapore is approximately 0.0 m. See below image.

Shall take note that this is just for reference only.
Do you have better idea ?

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posted by Webworm, 9:59 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are an other webpage that also can be used: http://www.altitude.nu

October 14, 2010 at 2:44 PM  

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