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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recommended :
This user guide details all the procedures you need to work with the OLGA Link extension which will help you learn how to use OLGA Link efficiently, this manual thoroughly describes the views and capabilities of the OLGA Link as well as outlining the procedural steps needed for running the extension. The basics of building a simple OLGA Link model is explored in the tutorial (example) problem. The case is presented as a logical sequence of steps that outline the basic procedures needed to build an OLGA Link case. This guide also outlines the relevant parameters for defining the entire extension and its environment. Each view is defined on a page-by-page basis to give you a complete understanding of the data requirements for the components and the capabilities of the extension.

The OLGA Link User Guide does not detail HYSYS procedures and assumes that you are familiar with the HYSYS environment and conventions. If you require more information on working with HYSYS, please refer to the HYSYS Manuals. Here you will find all the information you require to set up a case and work efficiently within the simulation environment. Throughout this document, when describing OLGA keywords that are required in the *.inp file for your OLGA model, capital letters will be used for the complete keyword. For example BOUNDARY represents the keyword and specification of a boundary node and its relevant boundary conditions in the OLGA model. Throughout this document (and when you are using distributed computing with one computer for HYSYS and the OLGA Link, and another computer for the OLGA software), you will see the reference to the HYSYS PC (local computer) and the OLGA PC (remote computer).


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