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Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Membrane has been utilised in removal of CO2 in raw gas in offshore platform. Preliminary simulation of CO2 removal by membrane can be done with just a simple COMPONENT SPLITTER in HYSYS until licensor feed contractor with correct and mature information.

Let take an example. wet gas with (C1, C2, C3, N2, Helium & CO2) contain 20 mole% CO2 and would like to bring down to 5 mole% in product. You may simulate wet gas feeding the COMPONENT SPLITTER and use an ADJUST to adjust the CO2 split so that the CO2 in product is 5 mole%. Following image shown a typical scheme.

Certainly the wet gas composition is subject to change and additional component (i-C4 & n-C4) needs to be included in the wet gas composition. This is rather simple step where you may goes in to the SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT to add these two components. See following image.

Once you have done and back to main simulator, you may / may not notice there are some changes to the simulation. See following image. When you just return from SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT, the ADJ-1 (ADJUST) is in WARNING mode (Y ellow line) but simulator allow continue progress.

Click on ADJUST, you may find that the adjust and target parameters have changed. See following images.

Simple process simulation as per above, you may be able to trace the error. However, you may not seen this error for large process plant like NGL extraction, LNG production, refinery, etc. This error exist in HYSYS version 2006 as well other version. Removal of component will have similar issue.

It is always advised :
  1. Firm up component as early as you can
  2. Do NOT removal component if not neccessary. Let it stay in the simulation and set fraction to zero.
  3. If you can not avoid adding new component, analyse the impact, identify which unit operation will be affected, and plan properly what you need to watch-out after you have added the component.
  4. Before proceed, SAVE your file as backup.
  5. Whenever you have added component and return from SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT, put system in HOLD mode. Adjust the parameter before you let the simulation resume. Otherwise your simulation will not converge.
  6. Always check unit operation involve component adjustment after you have added new component
You may think above is useless. Not valuable to do it at all. Recent experience that i have really caused me paid triple the initial efforts.

Still have not aware any solution or workaround yet. Do you aware of any ?

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