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Sunday, January 20, 2008

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Crane Technical Paper No. 410 (TP-410) is one of the most comprehensive guide for flow of fluid through valves, pipes and fittings. An engineer dealing to design as well as operation of plant valves, fittings and piping should aware of this technical paper.

It has been developed since 1942 and continues update with new information...You may get a copy of TP-410 from Crane Valve Group (CVG).

In this technical paper, there are many real world examples. A student or fresh engineer will expose these practical examples. One of the Guru in Chemical & Process Engineering, Mr. Art Montemayor who has been practicing engineering for passed 48 years and now still active in forum such as CheResources forum, Eng-tips, etc has spent his time programmed these examples in EXCEL sheet. With his kindness, he has shared his work full of examples (programmed) in the CheResources forum.

You may download from CheResources forum via this post. You shall be the forum member in order to download this valuable EXCEL sheet. It only take you 5-10 minutes to register (FREE) as member. QUICK ! Don't miss this valuable workbook !

CheResources forum Member... Download from here
Non Member... Register and download.

This first released workbook consist of 30 examples where only 7 examples are still work in progress. In addition, it also has Moody chart, Pipe tables, Quick size for water line, water density and steam data.

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