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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to calculate pressure drop and capacity of countercurrent gas/liquid packed column ?

J. Stichlmajr et al has published an article may answer above question :

Generalised model to predict pressure drop and capacity of countercurrent gas/liquid packed column >>, Gas Separation 8 Purification 1989 Vol 3 March

A generalized model has been developed for the prediction of pressure drop and flooding in packed columns in which gas and liquid flow countercurrently. The model has been validated for a wide variety of packings, both random and structured. A single mathematical expression is used to describe all flow regimes: dry gas, irrigated gas flow below the load point, loading region, and flooding. The approach to the model development is fundamental in character and is an improvement over models published.

The model can be used with

- Structured packing : Montz, Gempack, Sulzer

- Random packing (ceramic) : Raschig, Pall, Reflux, Hiflow, Berl Saddles, Intalox Saddles, Torus Saddles

- Random packing (metal) : Raschig, Pall, Bialecki, Nutter, Cascade Mini, Super Saddles

- Random packing (plastic) : Pall, NSW, Leva


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