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Monday, August 24, 2009

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Simple update to IEM Members or those who are practicing Engineering in Malaysia...

The number of large natural gas fields for mankind’s exploitation is reducing as we go into the future. Future natural gas fields are relatively smaller, scattered in various geographical locations and contains higher acidic components. As the world’s energy demand continues, there is an urgent need to develop emerging technologies to monetize small natural gas resources around the globe which could not be economically carried out now.

The emerging technologies have to be safe, economical and more robust than presently available technologies for successful and meaningful gas production. This presentation will share several emerging technologies currently being studied and developed by the oil and gas industry for such purpose.

A talk on "Emerging Technologies to Monetize Small Natural Gas Resources", organized by Chemical Engineering Technical Division, IEM has been scheduled.

Date : 10 October 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 9.00 am – 11.00 am (Refreshment would be served at 11.00 am)
Venue : C&S Lecture Room, 2nd Floor, Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya
Speaker : Engr. Dr. Chan Tuck Leong

*Any queries, please contact sec@iem.org.my.

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