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Saturday, July 25, 2009

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An explosion caused by pneumatic test failure has occurred in Shanghai LNG Terminal on Feb 06 2009. This accident has resulted one worker killed and fifteen others injured.

Again it was heard that another pneumatic test failure has occurred in Mississippi in July 2009 and lead to at least one fatality and three others injured during a pneumatic test failure. The following photos show how severe is the destruction of pneumatic test failure.

Overall scene

Air-lifted pipeline

Twisted metal pipe

For those who intended to conduct pneumatic test, really have to ensure that proper procedure is followed. Ensure personnel who are not directly involved in the testing process are removed from the area and not allowed in the area for any reason. If you not involved directly in pneumatic test, please be alert and move away from the testing location.

Following are collection of article that helps you to educate yourself or your operators related to Pneumatic test :

Pneumatic Test During Pre-commissioning
This article has brief introduction about pneumatic test related procedure, safety concern, test pressure level, etc

Pneumatic Test Accident in Singapore
On May 22, 2002, a fatal accident occurred in Singapore involving the failure of a refrigerant receiver during a pneumatic test. In light of this incident, it is appropriate to again remind our readers of the hazards involved in pneumatic tests and to review the precautions that must be taken in conducting such tests.

Hazards of Trapped Pressure and Vacuum
A leak test on a heat exchanger was being conducted using low pressure gas when the tube bundle was ejected with great force striking two employees. One of them died on massive internal injuries...

Pipeline fails under air pressure test - Kills worker
Two workers had completed laying a 30 metre length of 300 mm diameter PVC pipe, in order to connect it to an existing steel pipe, along a suburban roadside. The pipe was then to be pneumatically tested up to a pressure of 690 kPa (100 psi)...

Pneumatic Test Operation Maintenance

This tank is intended for use vented to atmosphere. For outdoor applications, install a weatherproof vent hood or cap on the vent riser pipe and on the interstitial space vent of double wall tanks.

Pneumatic Test - Incident in Brazil
Incident happened in a non-ExxonMobil facility in Brazil during a pneumatic test of the tank associated piping. A blind was NOT installed to isolate the ...

Pneumatic Test - IncidentASTM A1047 / A1047M - 05
ASTM A1047 / A1047M - 05 Standard Test Method for Pneumatic Leak Testing of Tubing

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