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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Recent disasters, Cyclone in Myanmar and Earthquake in China hint to us that our beloved earth already "Sick". We in Chemical & Process, Oil and Gas industries as known as one of the major "contributor" in damaging of earth, have you ever think, how much you have done to preserve and minimize the impact of this damage ?

Implementation of As-Low-As-Reasonable-Practical (ALARP) principle, Conversion of all venting to flaring effort, Zero flaring philosophy, "Green" equipments, CO2 capture & Sequestration, etc...in many new development has signified that many companies have taken the positive effort to minimize the impacts.


World Environment Day (WED) is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

Read more Reason & Efforts by Others
The following article is Earth-friendly and green offers you may consider (FREE.registration required).

READING is also an effort.

Going Green: How Environmentally Conscious Practices and Products Present a Profitable Future Today: Can a company "go green" within its enterprise and supply chain, and get a payoff that keeps the black ink flowing? As companies get serious about reducing greenhouse gases, their biggest hurdle is the uncertainty over which approach to cutting carbon emissions makes the best financial sense. This white paper shows you a hands-on, practical perspective on how technology solutions can highlight the cost drivers behind these growing "green" issues, and offer your company reduced costs, increased efficiency, and more earth-friendly operations. It discusses key green initiatives and the emerging solutions associated with energy consumption and carbon emissions management.

What you can do ?
Taking this oppurtunity and re-iterate some discussed effort :
  • Spread the environment awareness - Blog about it, inform you junior / kits, friend around you. Or minimum inform them to read this post. Or Copy contents of this post to forum, etc and create a link to this post.
  • Read it - Reading also another effort in green.
  • Practise it - if you have not practised any of measures here, please practise at least ONE. If you have practised some, please practise EXTRA one. If you have practise ALL here. Congratulations ! Please provide ONE more extra measure in the comment.
  • Segregation of rubbish - Please segregate rubbish into a few categories such as non-biodegradable type (plastic, polymer, etc), biodegradable type (organic stuff, food, etc), reusable/recyclable bottle / aluminum cans, etc.
  • Proper Disposal of Electronic waste - Used batteries collect and sent to licensed disposable unit. NOTE : I would like to collect information on this type of collection center throughout the world so that it can be made known to everyone. If you aware any of this unit within you area, please drop me a note (Email) or leave it in comment column.
  • Recycle cellphone - Further reading... cellforcash - Recycle Your- Cellphones
  • Use Mechanical watch instead of Electric powered watch
  • Minimise consumption of packing paper - When you buy stuff in the store, most store will pack your purchased stuff in a plastic beg. f you only buy some light and small stuff, please do not ask for / return the plastic beg to the store owner (NOTE : remember to keep your receipt as proof of purchase.)
  • Use rechargeable battery instead of non-recycle type
  • Read e-book - Review & comment on the electronic paper instead of hard copy
  • Use recycle paper for draft works
  • Do not print email if not absolute required.
Do you have any more to add ?

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