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Sunday, April 27, 2008

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The important, function and implementation of Car Seal Open and Car Seal Close block valves has been briefly discussed in "How CSO and CSC helps ?". Nevertheless, as the car seal strip

  • can be easily cut by any cutting tools except the heavy duty type which need special cutting tools
  • may deteriorates after exposure to sunlight and severe whether condition
  • needs to be replaced once it is cut and incurs additional cost
it still invites question on the reliability & integrity of the security & safety and cost effectiveness of car seal strip. A key locked system increases the security & safety and cost effectiveness on long term basis as compare to car seal option.

The key will be kept in a cabinet in the control room. A strict procedure will be implemented to ensure proper control and handling of the keys.

Second is using the trapped key-lock. See following image.

The master key will be kept in the cabinet in control room. It is difficult in duplicating this type of key, it increases the security & reliability of the key locking.

One of the example is locked open (LO) pressure relief valve inlet and outlet isolation valves to avoid operator inadvertently close.

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