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Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Plant debottlenecking may involve increases in capacity (Q) but keeping pressure (P) profile to maintain process performance. Increased capacity would leads to increases in pumping capacity. To maintain similar pressure profile with increased capacity, a new pump is required. The new pump can be in series or in parallel operation. An optimization study on series or parallel operation would be required in order to provides a configuration with lowest capex, opex and life cycle cost for the pumping system. Prior to the study, probably you needs to understand Meaning of "Pump Head" and differences between pump Pressure and Head.

Series & Parallel Operation Identical Pumps
(Part 1 - Click here or here)
(Part 2 - Click here or here)

Aboves articles would probably provide you with some knowledge of the effect of the system curve on the output of two identical centrifugal pumps operating in parallel and how two pumps curves are added (part 1) and several other factors that can also impact pumping performance (part 2).

Series & Parallel Pump Calculator allow you to mix two pump curves and produce a combined performance curve of identical and similar pumps (or pumps with different performance) operate in series and parallel. Read more...

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