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Sunday, May 6, 2007

ACS Separations Technologies

Suppliers for
- custom engineered mist eliminators
- fractionation trays
- random packing
- tower internals
- liquid-liquid coalescer

for E&P, refining and petrochemical industries.

Some good articles shared by ACS Separation Technologies...
Design manual

- Mist Eliminator Design Manual covers both mesh and vane type mist eliminators. Includes material types, design theory, sizing, and application case studies.
- Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Design Manual covers all liquid separation media types down to 1 micron. Includes various element types, design theory, sizing, and application case studies.
- ACS/Montz Packing Design Manual catalog covers all types of structured and random packings made from wire, sheet metal foil, and expanded metals. Includes material types, design theory, sizing and performace curves, and applications.
Technical Papers

Improving Gas Dehydrator Efficiency - ACS Optimiztion of mist elimination equipment for Glycol & Amine gas treatment systems
Oily Water coalescers for environmental clean up and produced water remediation
No welding process vessel upgrades for mist eliminators, coalescers, and inlet diffusers

ACS Product Line Card - English
ACS MisterMesh high-capacity mesh pads
ACS Plate-Pak Vane Mist Eliminators
ACS/Montz Sturctured & Random Packing
ACS Fractionation Trays
ACS Tray Hardware and Fasteners Catalog


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