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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ChemSep is a software system for simulation of distillation, absorption, and extraction operations.

Built in features
- integrates flash calculations
- classic equilibrium stage column model
- non-equilibrium or rate-based column model
- export results to spreadsheet, text, and html.
- stand-alone mode as well as in flowsheet via CAPE-OPEN
- liquid-liquid extraction and three phase distillation column models

Special features ChemSep 6 for Windows

FREE download
ChemSep-LITE is available for FREE download and is now CAPE-OPEN compliant (article in NPT). It can be used as a stand-alone column simulator or as a unit operation model inside any CO compliant flowsheet simulation program such as ASPEN Plus or COCO. ChemSep-LITE includes the equilibrium column model and is limited to 5 components and 50 stages.
ChemSep book is available FREE for download

"Performance of a commercial scale 14% hole area sieve tray"
, Ind. Eng. Chem. Proc. Des. Dev., Vol. 21 (1982) pp. 712-717. FRI total reflux experiments published by T. Yanagi, M. Sakata
Note :Installed ChemSep LITE in order to be able to recalculate the spreadsheet.
PhD. thesis of Harry Kooijman,
Dynamic Nonequilibrium Column Simulation,
PhD. thesis of Arnoud Higler,
A Nonequilibrium Model for Reactive Distillation.
PhD. thesis of Richard Baur,
Modeling Reactive Distillation Dynamics.


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