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Friday, May 4, 2007

KnitMesh...a subsidiary of SULZER Chemtech today...Its separations technology business has been acquired by Sulzer Chemtech since Decr 13th, 2006.
Entire acquisition process may be completed by first quarter of 2007. PRESS release notes... KnitMesh website is still exist today...and there are quite a lot of good articles available FREE for download... We are not sure if this site will continue to exist...I would encourage you to visit this site now and get these good articles before it is demolished...You need to register prior to any download...

Coalescers Brochure
VKR Enhanced™ Mist Eliminators
Mist Elimination article Hydrocarbon Engineering June 2003
Mist Elimination article Hydrocarbon Engineering March 2001
Mist Eliminators for gas dehydration systems
Mist Eliminators Brochure
Mass Transfers Brochure
Common Mist Eliminator Specifications
Coalescers for Hydrogen Peroxide application
Mesh Mist Eliminators for steam drum duties

Air Bag Filters
Anti-Vibration Sound Attenuating & Heat Shield Components
Catalytic Convertor Mesh Wraps
Catalytic Convertor Seals
Engine Breathers
Exhaust Decoupling Rings & Mesh Sleeves
Separation Rings
Silencer and Muffler Packings
Spacer Rings

Anti-Vandal / Anti-Stab Mesh
Filters Brochure

Knitted wire mesh tapes
All metal wire mesh gaskets
All metal compressed wire mesh gaskets
Gaskets with fluid seal
Mesh over elastomer core gaskets


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