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Thursday, May 3, 2007


FREE Engineering Articles (Distillation & Packed Column related) :
- Harmonic Vibrations Cause Distillation Tray Damage
- High Performance Trays increase Column Capacity
- Increase Fractionation Efficiency and Capacity : Propylene Fractionation Example
- Improve EB/SM Plant Distillation
Measure and Access Maldistribution in Industrial Packed Towers
- Optimize Distillation Column Design for Improved Reliability in Operation and Maintenance
- Performance Diagrams -all your tray hydraulics in one place
- Practical Distillation For Operations
- Properly Designed High Performance Trays
- Radioisotope Technology - Troubleshooting Packed Beds in Vacuum Distillation
- Retrofit of a H2S Selective Amine Absorber Using MellapakPlus Structured Packing
- Staged modifications improve BTX extractive distillation unit capacity
- The Design and Performance of a Packed Benzene Toluene Splitter
- Use of Process Simulation for Distillation Design


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