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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nowadays Smart phone has been commonly used by most engineers. A lot of handy application has been created to ease engineers like you for daily activities. Similarly DNV has created and released a "LNG Conversion Calculator" for Iphone user. It is FREE.

Above is snapshot of the DNV's LNG Conversion Calculator.

This LNG Conversion Calculator cover several important units :
  • m3 NG
  • ft3 NG
  • tonnes oil eq
  • tonnes LNG
  • BTU
  • barrels oil eq
  • m3 LNG
You may easily download from Iphone's APP STORE. Read more information in ITune.

Following are some typical results :
  • 1 x 106 tonnes LNG = 52 x 1012 BTU 
  • 1 x 106 tonnes LNG = 8.68 x 106 barrels oil eq
  • 1 x 106 tonnes LNG = 1.23 x 106 tonnes oil eq
  • 1 x 106 tonnes LNG = 2255.822 x 103 m3 LNG 
  • 1 x 106 tonnes LNG = 1.38 x 109 m3 NG 
  • 1 x 106 tonnes LNG = 48.7 x 109 ft3 NG
Featured Resources:
LNG Industry
Provides global coverage of the entire LNG value chain.... >>

Comments :
  1. Exact conversion subjects to molecular weight. Above is only approximation.
  2. Finding shows above was based on "BP Statistical Review of US, Energy" as source.
  3. Present version is 1.1. Only cover mass-volume conversion. Wish develop can expand it to cover flowrate to ease users.
  4. There is no clear definition of volumetric flow at condition i.e. at Standard or Normal condition, etc.

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