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Friday, November 13, 2009

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FREE Chemical Engineering Digital Issue for Nov 2009 already released !

Chemical Engineering Magazine as just released Nov 2009 issue. If you are the subscriber of Chemical Engineering, you should have received similar notification.

Interesting articles for this month :

A Primer on Spray Drying
An understanding of the basic information presented here will help produce powdered products with desired characteristics, while operating the drying plant safely and with minimum energy

Industrial Wireless : Proven Success, Untethered Potential
An explosion of success stories, final ratification of the ISA 100.11a standard and technological improvements have officially removed this technology from the black box of “promised” benefits

Diagnostics: Simplifying Optimization
Improved programming and interfaces are making it easier for end users to marry process control, asset management and diagnostic data

FAYF - Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks
This one-page guide outlines the pros and cons of using aboveground- and underground-storage tanks

De-emphasize Capital Costs For Pipe Size Selection
Focus more on mass flowrates, fluid densities and operating hours for real savings

Making the Leap from R&D to Manufacturing
Crafting the right information-management strategy is essential to scaling up promising discoveries

Direct-Fired Heaters: Evaluate Thermal Performance and the Effects of Fouling
As process specifications change, heaters often need to accommodate increased capacity. Use these calculations to determine the effects of doing so on fouling

If you are subscriber, you may access previous digital releases. Learn more in "How to Access Previous Chemical Engineering Digital Issue".

If you yet to be subscriber of Chemical Engineering, requested your FREE subscription via this link (click HERE). Prior to fill-up the form, read "Tips on Succession in FREE Subscription".

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