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Saturday, March 14, 2009

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FREE Chemical Engineering Digital Issue for March 2009 has just been released !

Chemical Engineering magazine has just released March 2009 issue. If you are the subscriber of Chemical Engineering, you should have received similar notification.


Interesting articles for this month :

Combining Rupture Disks with Safety Relief Valves
A rupture disk serves as a barrier, protecting the safety relief valve from process media. This barrier extends the life of the relief valve and prevents leakage to the atmosphere

Getting the Most Out of Your Rupture Disc
For optimum rupture-disc performance, pay attention to installation, operation and maintenance

FAYF Membrane Configurations
This one-page guide provides an introduction to tubular, cap-illary, spiral-wound and plate-and-frame membrane configurations, while also detailing the tendency for each to expe-rience fouling

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Web 2.0 developments can improve an engineer’s productivity at work, as well as his or her professional development

Industrial Gas Applications In the CPI
Technical and specialty gases find use in many synthesis processes and a number of unit operations, in analysis and in plant maintenance

Solar’s Second Coming
Construction of CSP plants is on the rise, bringing jobs and business to equipment suppliers and chemical produc-ers alike


If you are subscriber, you may access previous digital releases (July 2008 - Feb 2009). Learn more in "How to Access Previous Chemical Engineering Digital Issue".

If you yet to be subscriber of Chemical Engineering, requested your FREE subscription via this link (click HERE). Prior to fill-up the form, read "Tips on Succession in FREE Subscription".

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