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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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"Pyrophoric" material is any material can be ignited or burned spontaneously in air when it is scratched, or struck, cracked, etc. This type of fire is called pyrophoric fire. Typical component is Sulfur in Carbon steel vessel. Ferum (Fe) in carbon steel vessel reacts with Sulfur present in fluid and formed iron sulfide (FeS) which is a pyrophoric material that oxidizes exothermically when exposed to air. Refinery, LNG production and gas treatment plant may expose to sulfur (in the form of H2S). Iron sulfide scale may appeared in Carbon steel vessel. It is typically a conversion of iron oxide, Fe2O3 (rust) to iron sulfide (FeS) in an oxygen-free atmosphere where hydrogen sulfide gas is present.

In Oxygen-free environment (inside CS vessel during normal operation) :
Fe2O3 + 3H2S ==> 2FeS + 3H2O + S

When expose to Oxygen (opening of vessel with air ingress during maintenance) :
FeS + 3O2 ==> 2Fe2O3 + 4S + Heat
FeS + 7O2 ==> 2Fe2O3 + 4SO2 + Heat

Heat is dissipated quickly and white smoke of SO2 gas released and followed by pyrophoric fires. This process is quick and exothermic oxidation.

Typically a CS vessel exposed to H2S would be either steam-out followed by water wash OR chemical cleaning prior to opening of the vessel.

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