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Thursday, September 13, 2007

There are some confusion or argument if over perssure protection devices e.g. Pressure Relief Valve, rupture disc, etc, shall be provided on a pressure containing part which designed to PIPING code i.e. ASME B31.3.

Some engineers interpreted that as long as the pressure containing part designed to PIPING code i.e. ASME B31.3, you got the waiver from overpressure protection.

Above statement may be true :
- if the INVENTORY capture in the system is LOW and associated RISK is LOW.
- if the system is TOTALLY FREE from overpressure scenario i.e. external fire, solar heating, etc. For example buried pipeline.

Requirement of PSV shall NOT be 100% judged from the design code itself. The RISK and CONSEQUENCE e.g. INVENTORY associates risk & consequences shall come into consideration to define if a overpressure protection i.e PSV is required.

Good engineering practices such as SHELL DEP, section 2.2.2, has provision of waiver of overpressure protection if made-of small inventory (<500 Liters), containing non-toxic fluid and fluid initial boiling point is higher than maximum ambient temperature.

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