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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Last post <<ECI – Operation & Maintenance Engineers - Don't miss FREE articles (>40) related to HX Fouling & Cleaning (Part 1) >> has listed 3 articles.
Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning - Fundamentals and Applications
2. Fouling During the Use of Seawater as Coolant - The Development of a User Guide™
3. Physical Water Treatment for the Mitigation of Mineral Fouling in Cooling-Tower Water Applications
This post i will only recommend some articles which are common to engineers in design & engineering and operation/maintenance in plant. I have left out other articles which are rather conceptual and research oriented. For those who are interested, please see HERE.

  1. Crystallisation Fouling Of Mixed Salts During Convective Heat Transfer And Sub-Cooled Flow Boiling Conditions.
  2. A Comparison of the Operating Characteristics of Two Cooling Water Systems using Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Biocides
  3. Analysis of Fouling Data Based on Prior Knowledge
  4. Challenges in Cleaning: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
  5. Fouling of Some Canadian Crude Oils
  6. Preheat Train Crude Distillation Fouling Propensity Evaluation by the Ebert and Panchal Model
  7. Retrofitting Crude Oil Refinery Heat Exchanger Networks to Minimise Fouling While Maximising Heat Recovery
  8. Chemical Cleaning of Oil Refinery Heat Exchangers -- The Need for a Joint Effort
  9. Analysis and Steps to Mitigate Heat Exchanger Fouling in an Aromatics Plant
  10. Fouling Characteristics of a Light Australian Crude Oil
  11. Development of a Data-Based Method for Performance Monitoring of Heat Exchangers
  12. Fouling Enhancement under Flow Boiling at Elevated Steam Qualities
  13. Improvements and New Developments in Self-Cleaning Heat Transfer Leading to New Applications
  14. The Practical Application and Innovation of Cleaning Technology for Heat Exchangers
  15. Fouling Mitigation Using Helixchanger Heat Exchangers
Further Reading

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