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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Check valve slam is one of the common problem encounter in rotating equipment discharge e.g pump, compressor, etc. As mentioned in earlier post "How to Select a Check Valve (NRV) Quantitatively ?" one of the requirement is for a "good" check valve is non-slam characteristic.

For a pumping system with a check valve installed on the discharge, whenever the pump is shut, reverse flow is formed quickly and approaching check valve. One of the requirement to avoid check valve slam is the check valve shall be closed faster than the reverse flow acting on the disc. You may the following animation and see how a check valve with the disc closure is faster than the reverse flow and avoid damage of check valve and severe surge pressure.

As the closure of valve disc is affected by few factor such as disc travel distance, reverse flow travel length, etc. How should you predict if a check valve would experience slam and severe surge ?

A methodology for predicting check valve slam is one of the article you may read to identify if a selected check valve would experience slam during closure time.

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