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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Recent post "Do not under estimate pump energy cost and FREE Optimization tool for better Life cycle cost" has advised that pump operating cost is significant and shall assess and optimize during design, operation and maintenance.

There are many ways to save energy in pumping systems
  • Eliminate unnecessary uses
  • Minimize throttling
  • Assess pumping system suitability for current application.
  • Reduce pump speed or install appropriate speed control devices
  • Consider alternative pump configurations
  • Improve O&M practices
  • Improve piping configuration
Read more here by PSM.

Careful assessment on above, you may noticed that the concept behind basically originated from CAPEX, OPEX and LIFESPAN. They are inter-related. If you think around these three parameters, You may come out with more idea in energy.

One of the way to reduce energy is to provide Variable Speed Drive (VSD) motor for pump. However, combination of proper control and pump configuration design may further reduce energy consumption. There were some researches have been conducted for
  1. Throttle control
  2. Standard pump control
  3. Optimized pump control
Simple idea by optimizing the pump control can
  • save more than 45% energy comparing optimized and standard pump control
  • save more than 66% energy comparing optimized and throttling control.
Read more HERE.

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