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Monday, June 18, 2007

Today wanna to bring to you a good article (i think) related to Heat Exchanger...
Effectively Design Shell-and Tube Heat Exchanger
This article explains the basics of exchanger thermal design, covering topics such as: Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (STHE) components; classification of STHEs according to construction and according to service; data needed for thermal design; tube side design; shell side design, including tube layout, baffling, and shell side pressure drop; and mean temperature difference. The basic equations for tube side and shell side heat transfer and pressure drop are well known; here we focus on the application of these correlations for the optimum design of heat exchangers. A follow up article on advanced topics in shell-and-tube heat exchanger design, such as allocation of shell side and tube side fluids, use of multiple shells, over design, and fouling, is scheduled to appear in the next issue.

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