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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today wanna to bring to you a well known Heat Exchanger supplier, HEATRIC, which is specialise in Diffusion-bonded heat exchangers...

What is Diffusion bonded heat exchanger ? What are the benefits using it ?
See picture below...Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger compare to Diffussion bonded heat exchanger...

See the benefits...
Diffusion-bonded heat exchangers are four to six times smaller than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers of the equivalent duty.
Diffusion-bonded heat exchangers have a pressure capablity in excess of 600 bar (9000 psi) and can cope with extreme temperatures, ranging from cryogenic to 900°C (1650°F).
Diffusion-bonded heat exchangers can achieve high thermal effectiveness of over 98% in a single unit.
Diffusion-bonded heat exchangers can incorporate more than two process streams into a single unit. This design feature has space and weight advantages, reducing exchanger size together with piping and valve requirements.
Additional functions can be included in the exchanger design, such as chemical reaction, mass transfer and mixing, optimising the process considerably.
The compatibility of the chemical etching and diffusion-bonding process with a wide range of materials means that they are suitable for a range of corrosive and high purity streams.
See what HEATRIC offer to public...
LNG Applications of Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers for the Next Generation of Nuclear Reactors
A compact gas to methanol process and its application to improved oil recovery

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