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Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Filter is commonly use in Process & Chemical or Oil & Gas plant to separate material in particular phase from another phase. The separation can be

- solid from liquid or vapor e.g. particle filter
- liquid from solid or vapor e.g. cake filtration, coalescer, etc

"Filtration technology is one of the core technologies applied widely to water treatment. It is excellent from economics point of view as equipment and operation costs are relatively low. The operation and maintenance of filtration systems is less complex compared to the maintenance of membrane separation, adsorption, ion exchange and AOP systems. This presentation will highlight a fibre-filter system that has been developed in Korea. Two types of fiber filters, namely, pressure type and gravity type fibre-filters. These filters were tested in pilot plants treating both water and wastewater. Performances of these newly developed fiber filters will be presented and compared against other filter systems."

A talk on Fiber filters will be conducted by Dr. Yun Chang-Han from Sung Shin Engineering Co., Ltd, KOREA, on 10th June 2008 (from 5.30pm - 7.00pm) at IEM new building (formerly known as ICHS building). For PE in MALAYSIA, you will gain 2 CPD hours.

Details refer to following brochure.

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